What do you know about Winlink? See this video!

(June 16, 2019) Have you ever heard of Winlink? Did you know what Winlink is before the “feature image” of this article gave it away? Do you know the frequencies that most Georgia stations use for Winlink? Do you know how to get on Winlink? Do you know if your current radio and computer equipment […]

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Georgia Section Nets List

(September 1, 2016)  Here is a list of HF nets that you may check-in to. [box style=”blue” icon=”microphone”]Georgia ARES Statewide SSB Net  –  3975 KHz  –  2200 UTC  –  Sunday[/box] [box style=”orange” icon=”keyboard-o”]Georgia ARES Statewide Digital Net (PSK63)  –  3583 KHz  –  2100 UTC  –  Sunday[/box] [box style=”blue” icon=”microphone”]Georgia Single Sideband Net  –  3975 KHz  […]

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ARES® in Burke County

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (a.k.a. ARES®) is an emergency response group of licensed amateurs who have registered with their local ARES® Emergency Coordinator (EC).  Every licensed amateur is eligible for membership in ARES®.  Training is desirable, but it is not a requirement in Georgia. The Emergency Coordinator for Burke County is John MacDonald, K4BR. […]

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Your “Go Kit”

To ensure that our local ARES members are prepared to respond to any emergency at a moment’s notice, every ham radio operator in and around Burke County should prepare and have a “grab-and-go kit” (right) ready to use in case of emergency. According to ready.gov’s Build a Kit (FEMA) page, every Grab-and-Go Kit should be […]

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