The Burke Amateur Radio Club’s Echolink

EchoLink® software allows amateur radio stations to communicate with other stations and repeaters through the Internet.  Echolink does this by using “voice over Internet protocol” (VOIP).  EchoLink® allows worldwide connections to be made between  through EchoLink® connected computers, repeaters, and VHF and UHF transceivers, plus non-EchoLink® connected VHF and UHF transceivers that log onto an EchoLink® through a repeater such as our 146.64 repeater.  Our EchoLink®  node is 6640.

EchoLink® is a great way to get on the air (GOTA).  You do not even have to own a ham radio to GOTA – your EchoLink® connected computer will work just fine.  EchoLink® is user friendly – refer to the users’ guide especially when first starting out.

There are more than 200,000 EchoLink® validated users in vast majority of the world’s 193 nations.  Over 5,000 stations are logged in on the EchoLink® system at the same time on a typical day.


Echolink on your computer


  1. Download and print the EchoLink® Users’ Guide
  2. Download EchoLink®
    1. For a Windows® computer
      • First, on this page, enter your callsign and email address and press “Submit”
      • Then, the next page is the “download page.”  Install the EchoLink® software from the link on this page.
      • Before going to the next page, please be sure that you download, install, and run the EchoLink® software. This registers your callsign with the system.
      • Go to this page.
        • This page will show you how to authenticate and validate in order to get your username and password.
        • There are other links down the left side of this page that you will want to read.
        • There is also info on how to put the EchoLink® app on your iOS® or Android® device.
    2. For an Apple Mac® computer




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