BARC membership Info & dues – 2020


The following dues are payable during the month of October for new and renewing members for 2020:

Classes of membership

Class of membershipMembership dues
Full or Associate individual membership$20.00 per year
Family membership$30.00 per year
Handi-Ham membership$10.00 per year
Active military membershipfree for individual if joining at a meeting
Junior membership (17 & under)$10.00 per year (license required to vote)
Newly licensed ham in this areafree if joining at a meeting
Life membership$400 (20X the full membership fee)
Senior life membership$200 (10X the full membership fee)

  • We would appreciate your please joining our club!
  • We are a small club and every membership is so important to us!
  • I will ask the BARC B.O.D. to consider and hopefully approve offering each 2019-20 member a very nice club shirt!  We should be able to offer a shirt to one extra family member just as we have always done!
  • Dues have not changed since the club began in 2014.

3 ways to join BARC: PayPal, U.S. Mail, club meeting:
Instructions to pay your dues by U.S. Mail and at a club meeting are at the bottom of this page.

[1]  Pay your dues online with PayPal:


[2]  2018-19 BARC members may mail the applications with a check for the appropriate amount (see above) to BARC Treasurer Debbie MacDonald, N4APZ, 100 Tennis Court Cir, Waynesboro, GA 30830-6629 or you may bring your payment to the November 3 club meeting. 

If you did not belong to the club in 2018-19, please click here to download a .pdf membership application AND an ARES® application (print these back-to-back or as 2 pages).  Either mail the application(s) with your check or bring it along with your payment to a club meeting.