ARES® in Burke County

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (a.k.a. ARES®) is an emergency response group of licensed amateurs who have registered with their local ARES® Emergency Coordinator (EC).  Every licensed amateur is eligible for membership in ARES®.  Training is desirable, but it is not a requirement in Georgia.

The Emergency Coordinator for Burke County is John MacDonald, K4BR.

ARES® members stand ready for communications duty when disaster strikes.  Our primary focus in the CSRA is providing emergency communications for all area hospitals.

Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) downloads

ARES Training Recommendations:

  • ARES® members are encouraged to complete two, free online FEMA courses: IS-100 and IS-700.
  • SKYWARN training is also encouraged.
  • Further classroom-style training in Amateur Radio Emergency Communications may be offered periodically.
  • Training may also be conducted from time-to-time at monthly Burke ARC meetings.
  • Email John, K4BR, to join ARES®.


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