ARES® Recommendations

From BARC & the Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

  • ​BARC and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) recommend that every amateur, including new amateurs, own and operate:
    •  a 2 Meter / 70 cm Dual Band FM Transceiver “mobile radio” with 25-50W of output power.
      Two examples:  click here and here.
    • a 25A power supply or, possibly even better for EmComm, a gel cell battery and smart charger.
    • an outside “dual band” antenna for the house
    • a mobile dual band mobile antenna (magnet mounted?) for your vehicle.  Think about garages and drive-thrus when buying this.
    • Please check out and support BARC member Terry Burton, W4ALK, and his business American Radio Supply at  Terry has a nice supply of good quality antennas for home and car plus coax, connectors, and MANY other products.
K4BR has 3 very inexpensive 2 Meter only radios for sale.  They will be listed on this page soon.
Questions?  Call me at 706-466-5646