Grab-and-Go Kit

The following is from John MacDonald, K4BR – Burke County Emergency Coordinator (EC) – [July 14, 2014]

Two Goals To Accomplish

We have been asked by ARRL section emergency personnel to accomplish two things:

●  to provide for the necessary training to ensure members have appropriate “Grab-and-Go Kits”  (a.k.a. Go bags).


●  to have a good activation protocol to notify ARES members of an emergency situation so as to have them deploy to a desired rally point.

The Rationale

In the very first section of Part 97, which is the Rules of Amateur Radio, the first listed “basis and purpose” of Amateur Radio is:

“Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.”

See for more information.

For Each ARES Member

To ensure that our local ARES members are prepared to respond to any emergencyat a moment’s notice, every ham radio operator in and around Burke County prepare and have ready a “grab-and-go kit.”

According to at, every Grab-and-Go Kit should be sufficient to provide communications and provide for the personal needs of the ARES member if the need arises.  There is information in this section listing the types of things you may consider for your grab-and-go kit.

The Burke Amateur Radio Club will have a regular meeting on Thursday, August 7.  The topic of discussion at this meeting will be grab-and-go kits.  Each amateur is invited to bring his/her kit even if only partially ready.