Club officer nominations and election

The nominating committee has met and presents its slate of officers as follows:

● President:  John MacDonald, K4BR
● Vice-president:  Johnny Pless, WW4KW
● Secretary-treasurer:  Debbie MacDonald, N4APZ
● Public information officer:  

From the club By-Laws:
“Section 7 – Election of Officers of the Club The Executive Committee, serving as the nominating committee, will select a slate of officers by majority vote for the upcoming fiscal year in advance of the September meeting. They will present their nominated slate of officers at the September meeting each year. If a September meeting is not held, the Executive Committee’s selection will be published on the front page of the Club’s website. At the Annual October Meeting, additional nominations will be accepted from the floor and a majority election will be held. The new officers will be installed as the last order of business.